About us

Hi, I'm Caireen, from a little seaside town called Bangor in Northern Ireland. Primarily Mummy to 2 boys, wife to a hardworking electrician and lover of fabric.

My business originally started in 2011 making and selling dribble bibs. This then developed into children's clothes and this is where my love of fabric really began. I found that there was very little jersey fabric available in the uk and so I started importing it, initially to make clothes and that developed into selling it. The more I've delved into the wonderful world of fabric the more delights I've discovered and my aim is to bring a little bit of the unusual, things not seen on every high street or on every website.

While the main focus here is on jersey, and specifically on plains (more about that later), I do have lots of other fabrics in stock along with a growing haberdashery section, because, lets face it, if you sew, you need haberdashery.

Now, the plains! There are so many pretty jerseys available from lots of talented designers and from the exciting world of custom fabric groups (yes such delights do exist) but while I love these, I'm really a simple girl at heart and I decided early on that I'd make plains the main focus of my business. So to that end I have an ever expanding range of jersey plains, french terry plains, lace plains, velour plains etc, because it makes that fancy, somewhat pricier fabric go that little bit further.

Thank you for stopping by Mibs fabrics, I hope you like what you see. Feel free to stop by my facebook page, www.facebook.com/mibsfabrics, my facebook group, www.facebook.com/groups/1696192140617761/ or if you are lucky enough to live locally then you can pop down and see me at my studio in Boom! studios :)